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Enthusiastic creatives from different spheres, merge into one group, one team for victories ... and "Tačka ba"! That was our guiding idea. Many years of work on various projects, companies, agencies and media houses make more than a hundred years of joint experience behind us. By successfully solving the most complex challenges of the past, responding to all customer needs and demands of today, as well as constant proactive thinking within our multidisciplinary team, they ensure an innovative and comprehensive approach to the task entrusted to us.

The scope of our customer services starts with identifying opportunities, possibilities and market positioning, as well as advising, defining and coordinating marketing and sales strategies. The vision then comes to “creatives” - video production and graphic design or creative hands to prepare all the necessary marketing and promotional materials. Finally, setting a strategy, as well as properly selected marketing messages to the appropriate target group, light up in us feeling of satisfaction and admiration for the analysis of results and achievements. "Everything in one place" for us is not just a washed-up phrase, but a firm promise and commitment to meet all customer requirements in top quality, with an added value approach - achieving mutual satisfaction.

How did the name "TAČKA BA" come about?

If what is said cannot be returned, then what is written never disappears. The dot (TAČKA) at the end of the sentence to complete the meaning is one of the most difficult tasks for the man of letters. On the other hand, when we say "and period!", the person will get the feeling that we are firmly holding our ground behind the sentence we said. After that, there is no need for additional clarifications and additions, except perhaps another B&H slang saying - "ba" for a complete experience. We wanted to add a bit of humor and tradition even in serious moments, but above all to confirm our commitment as the best possible decision of the client.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

Why are we special?

We all start from the needs of our clients and customers, but in what way? How to be innovative, outside the standard framework, and yet within the limits of market demands, or how to be a visionary, assume and guess? Do we dare to take risks, can we be trendsetters?

We present you proudly and nurture the approach of "Integrated Marketing Communication" which puts and recognizes the needs of customers or potential consumers. Then, the path moves back towards the company, which adjusts the business strategy and marketing communication. How? We will help you with that! With many years of experience in marketing and sales, we present and offer services listed below.

Business consulting in the
field of marketing strategy

Analysis of products or services
and competitive advantages

Marketing and sales strategy,
sales activities

Integrated marketing communication
in B2B and B2C

Video & Audio Production

If a picture speaks more than a thousand words, then how much can one short video tell? Our team edited and cut the shots of some of the most-watched videos and TV commercials, and participated in all pre-and post-production jobs for various campaigns, clients, production companies, and the media.

Promo videos, Advertisements and TV Commercials Production

Filming and Shooting various of video formats

Video & Audio editing, Postproduction

Audio & Radio Ads Production

Motion & Graphic Design

There are a lot of creative hands ready for you to make a "masterpiece". Whether it's mobile or static branding, the concept of a company or brand logo, promotional and marketing materials.


With the visual identity of your company, you get your presentation tool to the public and the communicative recognizability of projects and business.
Logo design, the establishment of standard and visual identity


Marketing visual is the use of images, videos, and other pieces of multimedia content to strengthen your brand and communicate with your target audience. As a part of a larger marketing strategy, it helps you showcase specific items and concepts that would otherwise be harder to access using text alone.
Design of multipurpose marketing materials and visuals for all communication channels


Short and witty animated videos can easily explain the concepts, products, and services of your business. Statistics say that 85% of successful marketing videos contain animation.
Production of 2D and 3D animation, visualization, and infographics

Web & Digital

Web presence today is considered an indispensable confirmation of your legal and physical existence. If you need a modern website, web store, or application to communicate with your clients and customers, the winning team is definitely in front of you. Composed of different professions, our multidisciplinary team starts from the customer requirements and needs, connects them with your products or services, and through strategic marketing shapes and maintains a stable and long-term relationship.

Digital advertising and social media management

Design, development and maintenance of websites and web stores

Design and support in the operation of mobile applications


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